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Thanks so much for getting in touch! The best way to get in touch with me is through the form below (or you can email me at spencer at Below you'll a list of (not so) frequently asked questions and emails I get.

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I work in PR. Do you take press trips?

Not really. I’m most likely to do a personalized individual trip, since I prefer to customize my itinerary and the content I create based on my interest and the outlets I’m going to be writing for (including WTG). Since this is my career and I’m in business for myself, I have a day rate for most trips that I take, over and beyond payment of travel expenses.

What’s your go-to cocktail?

My all-time favorite cocktail is the Old Fashioned. It’s easy, delicious, and versatile, yet there’s a certain art to making it. 

Do you accept guest contributors and posts?

Sometimes. When I do, I like to feature females, people of diversity and interesting stories and backgrounds different from my own. If you have a good idea(s), then send it along with some information about what you’re proposing, word count, your experience, and timing.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

I’ve never accepted sponsored posts written by others and I don’t intend to start anytime in the future. 

Who would play you in the movie about your life?

I always wanted Denzel Washington to play me, because, Denzel. But like Man on Fire Denzel. However, I realize that’s not an accurate portrayal. I’d be willing to settle for Gerard Butler.

I work in PR. Can I send you press releases?

The chances of me reading a press release, let alone responding to it, are rather slim. Don’t take it personal. Press releases just aren’t my preferred daily reading material. I prefer ESPN, The Onion, cocktail recipes, and the occasional Knock, Knock joke. But if you insist on reaching out, the emails that I’ve most frequently responded to from PR people I haven’t previously met, have been personal emails addressed to me, where the person addresses some commonalities, or even a recent Instagram or blog post I’ve written. In other words, don’t just send me a cold pitch or press release about how pigs are smarter than dogs (yes, that’s a real email I’ve gotten). I like pigs, and I like dogs, but I just don’t write about them.

Why are shorts called shorts but pants aren’t called longs?

Congratulations, you just broke the world.

What are your rates?

In other words, I don’t write for “exposure”. My landlord didn’t take to kindly to asking if I can my rent in “exposure”. My rates really depend on the story and type of work (be it writing, photography, marketing, consulting, etc.), expenses, time involved, turnaround time, and other details. If you’re interested in working together, we can discuss those things and I can propose a rate, be it hourly, half-day, daily, project, weekly, monthly, etc. You can find out more about my writing and photography here, or check out my creative agency, WTG Studios.

Can I send you whiskey?

Yes, absolutely. I’m always looking to add to my whiskey collection, and other collection of food, books, beer, wine, spirits, and the like. However, any opinions are my own.

What’s your sign?

I’m an Aquarius, and I like long walks to the taco truck. 

Do you do interviews?

I actually really love doing interviews (save for job interviews). I’ve done plenty of in-person and digital interviews. If you’re interested in interviewing me, send me an email with a little bit of info about your idea and timing and I’ll gladly consider it.

Can I pick your brain?

No, that sounds disgusting. Generally speaking, I get emails every week from people who want to know how to start a blog, how to get into writing, how to become a travel writer, how to work with brands, how to quit their job and travel, and a plethora of other how-to questions. I can’t promise that I can answer those questions in detail, as there isn’t a formulaic answer or step-by-step process of how to do that. I’ve written here, and other places online about it, but the answer to that question varies from person to person. Otherwise, I consult and do online and offline workshops from time to time.